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The Grewar Society International


The Grewar Family Society (also Gruer, Gruar, Grewer and Grower) was established with the primary aim of uniting Grewars (and spelling variations), who originate from Scotland and are now dispersed throughout the world, into a society to aid kinship and genealogical research.

Although the society is new, the origins of those Grewars who have preceded us are truly ancient. The society takes pride of place as one of the most recent links in the great chain of Scottish Clan and Family Societies throughout the world.


Eventually the society will organise an annual gathering in Scotland, produce a quarterly newsletter "The Cateran". Membership also brings access to genealogical advice, as well as some publications which are not accessible online.


Membership is open to men and women throughout the world, regardless of colour, creed or race who:

  1. Bear the name Grewar or an alternative spelling, such as Grower, Gruer, Gruar, Grewer and either have or claim Scots ancestry; or
  2. Do not bear the name Grewar, but have proven Grewar ancestry from Scotland; in either the male or female line.

Membership is currently free until 30th November 2008 in order to establish a membership base.

Four hundred years have now wheeld round… The Grave of James Gruer of Tominrau, died 1807
Braemar Kirkyard, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
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